A Lil weight loss secret…

  I am so in love with lemon water right now!!!! If you replace your juices and soda (packed with calories) with lemon water (no calories), you are going to lose weight. That’s pretty obvious. Adding lemon to your water gives it a little taste…And you should be drinking water and A LOT of it … Continue reading

Progress report!!

Good morning all! Just checking in with an update on how things are going. I’m still pretty consistent in my workouts….exercising on average about 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I’ve hit a weight loss plateau – still stuck at 11 pounds down. However, I’m not doing the best that I can do … Continue reading

Lakeside Workout: You can do more than just run!

; ; ; ; ; ; It’s Friday and my phone rings at 6am! I know it’s Miss PB calling to see if I am up and ready for out Friday morning workout. Of course I don’t feel like getting up and it’s a bit chilly by that lake….but I say “okay” and get up … Continue reading

Let’s make a deal!

  So lately I have developed this habit of “making deals” with myself in order to enjoy the foods I love while minimizing the damage it does to my healthy eating plan. I’ll say something like “Ok. If I work out twice today, I will go out and have some drinks with my friends later”. … Continue reading

A Blog-Worthy Fitness Class: Mix It Up Step

I’d been working out at the SouthSide YMCA for about 2 years now…on and off that is. I was there for a few weeks, when I started to notice all of these pumped people walking around and a crowded parking lot every Tuesday and Thursday. One day I happen to be running the track and … Continue reading

We are hanging in there!!

Good afternoon Operation Flat Belly Followers! I know it’s been very quiet around here and please accept our apology for that. Our absence has been partially due to our busy schedules and partially due to our ups and downs on this journey. We will be working harder at checking in and blogging about our progress. … Continue reading

The Vision Fridge

Ms. FB: I¬†believe that in order to be successful in a weightloss plan, you have to constantly search for ways to stay motivated. Right now, these are my sources of motivation: 1. My blog and all the ladies who have joined OperationFlatBelly 2. My workout buddies, Amber and Karren 3. The Transformation Challenge at my … Continue reading

Summary of Week 1

¬† How did I do Week #1 of Operation Flat Belly? Well….The pic kinda sums it up. Though I did not indulge in my favorite dessert this week (The Warm Brownie Sundae Pictured here), I did chow down on a Apple Crisp Sundae over the weekend, as well as some jello shots , margaritas, vodka … Continue reading

When dieting goes wrong: salads

For lunch today, I happen to be at McDonalds. In the environment of fast food, the best option seemed to be a salad. Responsibly, I opted for grilled chicken over the crispy chicken that I love. And I decided to skip out on the croutons. I logged in to myfitnesspal to check the calories…only 180. … Continue reading

How many of us have them?: Workout buddies

Something (or shall I say someone) that has been instrumental as I’ve started this journey this week was my buddy Karren. 2 nights in a row she called to check in with me regarding my eating and working out. When I told her I was exhausted and didn’t feel like it, she came over and … Continue reading