The dreaded Plateau: Plan to address my lack of weight loss the last 4 weeks.

So…I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little discouraged with my weight loss the past few weeks. And since it’s normal to hit a plateau, I wanted to share this experience with everyone following operationflatbelly. I haven’t lost any weight in 4 weeks! I’ve been working out on average about 8 times … Continue reading

WHY do you REALLY want to lose weight?

  So, here we are in week 6 of Operation Flat Belly 2012 and I declare Week 5 and 6 a disaster! Again, my pattern of working hard for a couple of weeks and then falling off for a week or 2 is still consistent. And when I think about it, there doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

Month 1 Summary

Miss FB: Total Weight Loss in January = 7 pounds!!!  Hard work pays off. This summary tells it all. I worked my butt off in week 4. I worked out hard every day and tried to eat as healthy as I could. I did have some slips ups, but I paid for it in sweat. I definitely … Continue reading