Update – Continuing to learn, grow and change my weight-loss plans

Hello all! A couple of weeks ago I checked in with a report that I hit my 15 pound mark! đŸ™‚ Yea me! Unfortunately there has not been much progress in terms of weight loss since. However, I’ve continued to receive new tips, education and learn more about myself to improve my chances of successfully … Continue reading

Some tips for SLOWLY changing your eating habits…

Changing my eating habit has been a personal struggle of mines. Miss PB and I always joke about the fact that her strength is healthy meal prep and discipline in her eating and my strength is my discipline with working out consistently. If we could just combine the 2, we would be the most fit chicks … Continue reading

The evolution of my “healthy eating”

Working out and exercising….I pretty much got that down. I’ve been in classes. I’ve had trainers. I am doing pretty well with sticking to my workout routine (when I don’t go out drinking the night before…still working on that barrier). But battle on this journey has been my eating. And it always has been. I … Continue reading

Our top 10 problems with eating healthy

Before we start this journey AGAIN…we think it is important to address the issues that have gotten in our way in the past. Taken from WebMD: “Replacing a bad habit with a good habit takes time and patience. It requires several steps, from setting your goals to getting support. One of the important steps is … Continue reading