Shakeology challenge results

Just checking in with the results of my 10 day Shakeology challenge: Starting weight: 189.5 waist: 35.5 Final weight: 185.5 waist: 34.5 I had some bumps in the road. I went to a birthday party on Sat and a boat party on Sunday….both involving alcohol. But I worked my butt off focusing on my morning … Continue reading

My Beach Body Fitness Plan September – November

I am almost finished with my second attempt at a Shakeology cleanse. (today is day 3). I am feelign good and it is time to kick things up a notch! I am doing amix of nutrition challenges and a Insanity/Turbofire hybrid workout program in the next 3 months. I ill be doing both Insanity and … Continue reading

WHY do you REALLY want to lose weight?

  So, here we are in week 6 of Operation Flat Belly 2012 and I declare Week 5 and 6 a disaster! Again, my pattern of working hard for a couple of weeks and then falling off for a week or 2 is still consistent. And when I think about it, there doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

To count calories or to NOT count calories?????

Everyone who knows me and my fitness regimen, know that whenever I dedicate myself to losing wieght, I begin to count calories. A lot of diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Nutri System, talk about the inconvenience of counting calories, but people PAY them to basically do the same thing. Monitoring your caloric intake … Continue reading

Our top 10 problems with eating healthy

Before we start this journey AGAIN…we think it is important to address the issues that have gotten in our way in the past. Taken from WebMD: “Replacing a bad habit with a good habit takes time and patience. It requires several steps, from setting your goals to getting support. One of the important steps is … Continue reading