Month 1 Summary

Miss FB: Total Weight Loss in January = 7 pounds!!!  Hard work pays off. This summary tells it all. I worked my butt off in week 4. I worked out hard every day and tried to eat as healthy as I could. I did have some slips ups, but I paid for it in sweat. I definitely … Continue reading

When dieting goes wrong: salads

For lunch today, I happen to be at McDonalds. In the environment of fast food, the best option seemed to be a salad. Responsibly, I opted for grilled chicken over the crispy chicken that I love. And I decided to skip out on the croutons. I logged in to myfitnesspal to check the calories…only 180. … Continue reading

Our top 10 problems with eating healthy

Before we start this journey AGAIN…we think it is important to address the issues that have gotten in our way in the past. Taken from WebMD: “Replacing a bad habit with a good habit takes time and patience. It requires several steps, from setting your goals to getting support. One of the important steps is … Continue reading