Spray instead of pour…

Since I love salad and I always seem to use to much dressing…I thought it was a good idea to try these spray dressings. Works pretty well to wet your salad just enough. It cut back my calories significantly. I’ve gone from using thick, fatty, high calorie dressing like ranch and caesar which were 120-200 … Continue reading

The dreaded Plateau: Plan to address my lack of weight loss the last 4 weeks.

So…I would be lying if¬†I didn’t admit to being a little discouraged with my weight loss the past few weeks. And since it’s normal to hit a plateau, I wanted to share this experience with everyone following operationflatbelly. I haven’t lost any weight in 4 weeks! I’ve been working out on average about 8 times … Continue reading

Help! This is a major barrier in my weight loss!

So, why am I stuck at 15 pounds lost when I’m eating better and working out everyday! Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol for sure! This time around on this journey, I’ve made a commitment to ONLY makeLIFESTYLE CHANGES.¬†Changes I know I can stick to for the rest of my life. I loooooove to kick it … Continue reading

My 6 Steps for Starting a Fitness and Weight-loss Journey

Of course I am no fitness expert, personal trainer or anything like that. But the power of networking and information sharing is working wonders in my personal transformation. I know that sometimes even the IDEA of changing your lifestyle to lose weight or get in shape is overwhelming. But you will never get the change … Continue reading

The evolution of my “healthy eating”

Working out and exercising….I pretty much got that down. I’ve been in classes. I’ve had trainers. I am doing pretty well with sticking to my workout routine (when I don’t go out drinking the night before…still working on that barrier). But battle on this journey has been my eating. And it always has been. I … Continue reading

To count calories or to NOT count calories?????

Everyone who knows me and my fitness regimen, know that whenever I dedicate myself to losing wieght, I begin to count calories. A lot of diet programs such as Weight Watchers and Nutri System, talk about the inconvenience of counting calories, but people PAY them to basically do the same thing. Monitoring your caloric intake … Continue reading