My Shakelology 10 day challenge

I am always looking for ways to stay motivated and challenge myself. So after my Shakeology 3 day cleanse. I joined a Shakeology challenge. What is a 10 day Shakeology Challenge: It’s a challenge hosted by beach body coaches where u replace one of your meals with a Shakelogy shake, exercise 30 mins a day … Continue reading

My Beach Body Fitness Plan September – November

I am almost finished with my second attempt at a Shakeology cleanse. (today is day 3). I am feelign good and it is time to kick things up a notch! I am doing amix of nutrition challenges and a Insanity/Turbofire hybrid workout program in the next 3 months. I ill be doing both Insanity and … Continue reading

Shakeology Cleanse Results: Day 1 and Day 2

It has been 48 hours and I have dropped 6.5 pounds. Dropping that much weight, that fast,  is always concerning to me. For the last 2 days I have been flushing myself with water, drinking Shakeology shakes and having 1 salad a day. Day 1 wasn’t too bad. Things went as planned….almost. But during Day … Continue reading

My 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse

As you guys know, I have been struggling for a few weeks. Yesterday, I decided I have to do SOMETHING to get back on track. While I was brainstorming, my Beach Body coach messaged me to help. She told me about this 3 day Shakeology challenge to help boost my metabolism, detox and cleanse and help … Continue reading

Remembering that this is a journey…There are no deadlines

I woke up this morning feeling a little defeated. And I had to give myself a little pep talk. I have not been doing too well with eating right and exercising the last 2 weeks and I gained some weight back. I know what I need to be doing. I know how to do it. … Continue reading

Update! Update!

Well, It’s been a while. And I am happy to report that I am still progressing. I’m becoming more knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, as well as transforming into a real bad-ass in the gym. LOL. I am very proud of how far I have come. I have a lot of that to thank to … Continue reading

Staying Motivated to Exercise EVERY DAY

A lot of people find it unimaginable to exercise 6 to 7 days out of the week. And for some it is unrealistic. For some, it’s even unnecessary. But for me and what I am trying to do, it fits perfectly. I have been consistent in working out 6 to 7 days a week for … Continue reading

To give up drinking or not?????

Soooooooo…. My first weigh in for my Insanity Challenge was today and I am extremely disappointed. While I do feel stronger and I know my endurance has improved, it’s still frustrating not to see the scale moving. In 2 weeks of working my ass off, I lost 2 pounds and 1/2 inch off of my … Continue reading

My Insanity Challenge

  Hello all! Just wanted to catch you guys up on how I’ve been doing. As you know, because of my plateau, I decided to try the Insanity 60 day program.  The workouts are super tough and I am always drenched in sweat.  There is a lot of jumping which suuuuuucks for my knees, but … Continue reading

Spray instead of pour…

Since I love salad and I always seem to use to much dressing…I thought it was a good idea to try these spray dressings. Works pretty well to wet your salad just enough. It cut back my calories significantly. I’ve gone from using thick, fatty, high calorie dressing like ranch and caesar which were 120-200 … Continue reading