Plans and Goals

Valencia (Miss Fitness Binge):

Goal Weight: 170 pounds

Goal Size: Size 10

Fitness Goals: To be able to run 2 miles without stopping for a walk and to decrease my knee pain by strengthening my legs

Overall Healthy Eating Plan:

My goal has changed a lot throughout this journey. In 2012, I tried to follow the 80/20 rule (clean eating Monday through Friday). I also used to be the cardio queen, doing very little strength training.

In 2013, My goal is to work out consistently and eat clean. I have put more focus on strength training to change the look of my body and less focus on the scale. My goal is to make clean eating a habit EVERYDAY, so that when I do “cheat”, it’s rare and guilt free:


  1. No Pork and Lean Red Meat only
  2. No fried foods
  3. No soda or sugar filled drinks
  4. No junk food (pastries, potato chips, ice cream…etc)
  5. No meat on Mondays!!!!
  6. Exercise portion control during meals
  7. Limit Processed Foods (any foods that won’t go bad if placed in a cabinet)
  8. Combine meat with veggies only. Eat complex carbs in separate meals and snacks
  9. No white bread or white rice
  10. No vegetable oil or margarine
  11. Increase my daily water intake (at least 6 bottles)
  12. Have breakfast within 1 hour of waking up
  13. Limit condiments added to my foods (mayo, salad dressing, sugar, ketchup,

General Workout Plan:

  1. Keep a workout journal
  2. Cardio 5 days a week
  3. Strength Training 3-4 days a week
  4. Target Abs in some way in every workout


3 Responses to “Plans and Goals”
  1. I has been just searching for the following. Maintain up the great work and i will be back again for much weight loss

  2. Charlene says:

    Zumba, quite simiply, is my LIFE! As an iousrtctnr it has become my passion to share my love of dance and fitness with an incredible group of ladies. When I see them giving it all they’ve got with a smile on their face my cup runneth over! I love how every workout feels like a party, how Zumba allows one to forget (even if just for an hour) about a bad day or any cares for that matter! I also love the people it has brought into my life. The Zumba family is awesome!

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