14 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Y’all know I love my challenges. So, I joined a few of my girls in a 14 day sugar detox challenge. Today is Day 5 and I am feeling much better. The first 4 days, I experienced a lot of nausea and headaches. I burned out early in my workouts and I found myself eating a lil bit of something with sugar in it to feel better.
My suggestion is that if you do this challenge, you don’t attempt to work out the first few days. I got really sick trying to do it. My criticism is that it almost forced you to eat more sodium and carbs. Since I don’t eat white pasta, potatoes, rice or bread and there is sugar in a lot of wheat products, my choices were severely limited.
However, I learned a lot from the challenge such as how many names “sugar” can be disguised as on a label.


I’ve learned that even though I eat wealthy in general, Im still taking in waaaaay to much sugar. So I know to watch that now because things I would never expect, have some kind of sugar added in it.

I’m excited to see what results this challenge brings me. A lot of the girls have lost 4-5lbs already. I haven’t lost anything yet, but my belly is looking flatter. I’ll give you all a summary at the end of the challenge.

If you want to try the challenge, avoid everything on the list. Any sugar and any foods with added sugar should not be consumed. Only a couple servings of fruit per day as well. Good luck! Let me know if you try it out!

One Response to “14 Day Sugar Detox Challenge”
  1. Steven Platt says:

    I need to do a sugar detox. I can control myself for most anything else …except SUGAR

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