End of my 60 Day Challenge

My first attempt at this challenge in April was unsuccessful. But I was determined and started over. I proud to announce that today is Day 54…and I am still going strong.

In the midst of this challenge, I did a few others. In May, I participated in #noweighmay, where the goal was to take the focus off of the scale and focus on strength and stamina. When I weighed myself June 1st, I was down 9.5 pounds. That gave me motivation to stop weighing myself once a week. I now only do it once a month.

Since I’ve started operationflatbelly, I’ve lost 18.5 pounds. I know some of you are thinking, “That’s all?”. It has been a year and a half. But keep in mind that I am doing this the “right” way. Attempting lifestyle changes and seeing what works.

I’ve tried many things: Cardio focus, Insanity, Turbofire, Gym training, home training, 80/20 eating, weekend cheat meals, Meatless Monday, calorie counting, no eating after 8pm, no red meat, low carb, no meat, detoxes…etc. Remember, this is my personal journey to see what will work for me. So, I am being patient with myself and making mistakes. I am very proud of the 18.5 pounds and Im determined to develop a lifestyle that works for me to lose the weight and keep it off.

I appreciate the value of strength training more and it is now a REQUIREMENT in my weekly routine. I’m doing assisted pull-ups and push ups every week y’all. (I hate them). So my routine is less cardio focused even though I get it in. I focused on getting stronger and leaner, paying less attention to my actual weight.

As far as eating, I am trying to eat “clean” as much as possible. Not set cheat day or meal. When it happens, it happens. But I try not to plan it because I usually binge. Still attempting meatless Monday. And I WATCH my calories, but I try not to COUNT them obsessively. Yeah…I got pretty bad with that.

I continue to set weekly and monthly goals, as well as group challenges. I love them. They keep me motivated and give me the support I need.

Stay disciplined, stay active, stay consistent and keep going! I haven’t reached my goals yet, but I know I will. Be on the look out for total pumds lost during this current challenge. Got 1 week to go. 15 pounds to go until my goal weight y’all. Work!


One Response to “End of my 60 Day Challenge”
  1. LoseItBig says:

    Awesome job. The best way to maintain a large loss is to lose it over a long period and as you have noted by lifestyle changes. You look fantastic…wow

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