Starting over…again


I am frustrated with starting over and over and over again. 2012 was by the far the best year I’ve ever had in trying to achieve my fitness goals. But it involved so many stops and starts. And here we are Feb 2013 and I am only 11 pounds lighter after an entire year!

That’s not a good feeling. However, I hope that by focusing less on counting calories and more on getting stronger, I can produce some lasting results. Sometimes it hard because after a hour of strength training, I don’t feel like I worked as hard as I could of if I had a hour of cardio. I promised myself to give this new plan 30 days before I change it.

Cardio 5 days a week only produced temporary results in the past. Counting calories only produced temporary results. My back injury also doesn’t allow for me to do the extreme cardio that I use to do. So, hopefully this new plan yields some results because I DO NOT want to start over again.

My goal is to be a fitness instructor. I’m accepting that failure is a part of my path and that it can only help potential clients of mine. But This is the LAST time I will be starting over. 🙂

Stay fit friends!


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