Countdown to Vegas!!!

I am fresh off of my 5 year college Homecoming reunion. From Friday until Monday, I ate what I wanted and DID NOT exercise. I wanted to…badly. But couldn’t make the time or find the energy. And Tuesday, all I did was sleep.

So here we are, Wednesday morning and I started my day with some TurboFire. It was the hardest it has ever been. I was breathing and panting like I had never exercised beore in my life. SMH. I bet it was all the trash and alcohol from the weekend that contributed to my difficulty.

But I GOT THROUGH IT. And that’s what matters. I am re-focused and Ready for my birthday in Vegas!!!!! The 10 day countdown begins today.

I’m starting off with a modified 3 day Shakeology cleanse. For 3 days, I will be doing 2 shakes, fruits and veggies. Andafter doing another 10 Shakeology challenge. Replacing 1 one meal a day with a shake. Counting calories consumed and burned each day. And working out twice a day until my flight leaves on Firday Oct 19th.

I do plan to work out while in Vegas and I know that is going to be tough. But my birthday in Chicago is the Saturday after we return, so I think making the time will be necessary. And I may just have enough motivation to do it. 🙂

I am still doing TurboFire and Insanity workout plans. I’m also visiting the gym here and there. I have a male friend who wants to help me get ready for Vegas and he is also gonna be meeting with me.

So that’s the plan folks! I can’t report any weight loss. But I’m feeling good and I know I looked good at the reunion. I have no regrets about my homecoming behavior. Just time to get back on the ball. Lets go!!!

-Ms. FB


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