Nutrition Label Frustration

Happy fall all!

The holiday season is upon us. Typically this is when I gain a few pounds but no way! This year I am staying focused on my goals. With my birthday and Vegas around the corner, I am more motivated than ever.

I’ve been working harder to eat clean. Cooking most of my meals and trying to avoid fast food and processed foods. Because if my desire to flatten my tummy, I’ve also tried to pay more attention to sodium and sugar. Both said to bloat you.

However, I’ve noticed that when I’m good with my sugar intake for the day, my sodium is high. When my sodium levels are good, my sugar is high. It’s frustrating to have to pay attention to so much when reading labels. You wanna watch you calories, the fat, the sugar, the sodium, protein and fiber. It’s just too much!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Lol! That’s my little rant of frustration for the day. Overall, I’m down 17 pounds at the moment. I’m itching to hit the big 2-0. So I guess I’m doing something right. I’m continuing the Insanity and Turbofire Hybrid workout program. It’s been awesome. I’m linked with my beachbody coach in a couple of challenges on Facebook that have connected me to some other great people doing these programs. It’s keeping me motivated and inspired.

Countdown to Vegas. (21 days) Oct 19th

Get fit people!

-Ms. FB 🙂


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