My Shakelology 10 day challenge

I am always looking for ways to stay motivated and challenge myself. So after my Shakeology 3 day cleanse. I joined a Shakeology challenge.

What is a 10 day Shakeology Challenge: It’s a challenge hosted by beach body coaches where u replace one of your meals with a Shakelogy shake, exercise 30 mins a day and make healthy food choices. Everybody turns in a food and exercise log at the end of each day.

Challenge dates: Monday, September 10th  –  Wednesday September 19th

Workouts: I started the Insanity/Turbofire Hybrid. I have been doing Turbofire in the morning and Insanity in the evening.

Results: Its only been 2 and half days and I have lost 4 pounds.I have a ton of energy, but I am a little sore,

Check out my first 2 days of the challenge:

Shakelogy Challenge Day #1

7am workout: Turbofire fire 45  Burned: 615 cals

5:30pm workout: Insanity fit test and HIIT 20 Burned: 630 calories

Total Calories consumed: 1360 calories
Meal 1: Shakelogy with bananas and honey = 325 cals

Meal 2: Deviled eggs = 227 cals

Meal 3: turkey avocado wrap = 314 cals

Meal 4: apple and peanut butter = 274 cals

Meal 5: Lemon pepper chicken and veggies = 220 cals

A little over 100 ounces of water 🙂smile


Shakelogy Challenge Day #2

7am: Turbofire 55  Burned 531 cals
7pm: Insanity Plyo Burned 599 cals

Total Calories consumed:  1805 calories
Meal 1: Banana, Wheat waffles and turkey sausage = 415

Meal 2: Apple Pecan Chicken salad = 428

Meal 3: Shakeology = 197

Meal 4: Chicken Ranch Wrap = 276

Meal 5: turkey burger = 489

A little over 101 ounces of water 🙂smile

There is another Shakeology challenge starting in October. If you would like details on how to join, please message me at or

Stay fit people!

~Ms FB

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