Update! Update!

Well, It’s been a while. And I am happy to report that I am still progressing. I’m becoming more knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, as well as transforming into a real bad-ass in the gym. LOL. I am very proud of how far I have come. I have a lot of that to thank to social networking and putting myself out there.

I’ve started month 2 of Insanity, which is super extreme. I almost puked the first day. So I am really making sure to eat nutritiously and get my sleep every night. I can’t believe in 4 weeks, I will be done. Then my plan is to start the TurboFire workout series. EXCITEMENT!!!

I’ve also recently started lifting HEAVY. I was once a believer in the “if you lift heavy, you will bulk up” theory. From what I hear, that not true. You can only gain muscle weight, if you are feeding yourself the needed calories to do so. I think in the past, I wasn’t lifting heavy enough to change the shape of my muscle, which is one of my new goals. I want to get ripped…but still preserve my curves. 🙂

Over the past month, I have connected with so many other awesome people who are losing weight and blogging about their journey and it has really inspired me and helped me to stay motivated. Go to my facebook page at www.facebook.com/Operationflatbelly and view the LIKES section to check them out. I also have decided that I want to eventually become a group fitness instructor and Beachbody coach in the future….after i reach my own transformation goals.

Overall, I’ve lost all the weight I gained back during my 2 weeks of binge eating in June :-(. I hope that never happens again…and I’ve also lost an additional 2 pounds. However, in doing the Insanity workout series, I’ve learned to focus less on the scale. I don’t weigh myself as much and I am doing bi-weekly measurements, as I build muscle. I’ve lost a few inches or so. LOL. Check it out:

Date                      weight          chest           waist              hips           arms            thighs

January 2012       203                41.5              38.5                45.5            —-                  —–

July 2                         192                 39                 35                    43           13/13.25          27/26.5

July  9                         190                 —                —                     —              —                   —

July 16                       190                38.5             34.5                  42           13/13.25          27/26.5

July 23                      188                 —                —                     —               —                    —

July 30                      187                 —                —                     —               —                    —

August 6                  187                37.5              34                    41.5         12.5 /12.75       26/26

My next weigh in is August 20th and I am expecting major changes. I am working out every morning, planning my meals and staying positive. My weakness continues to be drinking with my friends on the weekend, but I have cut back in that area as well. Progress….Not perfection. Remember, our goal is a life style change here. I will do it. And you can do it too. 🙂

~Miss Fitness Binge

One Response to “Update! Update!”
  1. loseitbig says:

    Very nice. You can do this. This was about the time I stopped insanity. The workouts got longer and I was running out of time. I know excuses, right. In the winter when it’s cold out I am starting up with insanity again. I like running outside…I guess I hate being inside.

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