Staying Motivated to Exercise EVERY DAY

A lot of people find it unimaginable to exercise 6 to 7 days out of the week. And for some it is unrealistic. For some, it’s even unnecessary. But for me and what I am trying to do, it fits perfectly. I have been consistent in working out 6 to 7 days a week for months now…which has given me more success in inches rather than pounds. However, this journey has become so much bigger than just losing weight now, so it really doesn’t discourage me.
Many people ask me…“Well how do you stay motivated to get up and work out everyday?”

1. I’ve changed my view on why I work out everyday. I no longer view it as option. It is a part of my daily schedule as bathing, eating, grooming myself….it’s just something that I have to do. It’s about prioritizing my body and my health over other things I could be doing, such as watching TV, browsing Facebook, hanging out with friends….etc. An hour a day is not much to dedicate to attending to your health and body. For me, this is a lifestyle change.

2. On the days I reeeeealllly don’t feel like working out, I have a little ritual that I do. I look at my body in the mirror. I think about the body I want and tell myself that this workout is going to get me one step closer to that goal. I think about an event that is coming up soon, like a party, trip to the beach or a date and it helps me to push harder and maximize the time I am about to spend sweating and working hard. It works every time.

3. More long-term, I keep fitness and its importance on my mind daily. Whether it’s through my blog, looking at my vision board, sharing information with the operationflatbelly crew on Facebook and Twitter, fitness is a part of my everyday life. So exercise is a must. Social media is an amazing way to stay motivated. You can increase your chances for success, by starting a page or blog about your journey. It helps to hold your self accountable and gives you more support and motivation from others.

4. I am actually starting to enjoy it. I am starting to love how my body feels after a workout. I am enjoying seeing the transformation. I am more positive. I have more energy.  And I know this is a direct result of regularly exercising. I love  writing about it and talking to my friends and family about my journey. I love that it is inspiring and motivating others. It makes my work outs feel like they are bigger than just being for me.


There are a million ways to stay motivated in a fitness plan. And the longer you dedicate yourself to it, I am sure you will have to find new sources of motivation. But if you never start, none of that even matters. I’ll keep sharing my ideas about motivation as I continue this journey. But right now, I say the most motivating thing for me is that talk I have with myself in the mirror. So if you see me doing it at the gym…don’t think I am standing there obsessing over my body parts. Inner dialogue is occurring. LOL.

~Miss Fitness Binge




2 Responses to “Staying Motivated to Exercise EVERY DAY”
  1. Matt says:

    I know the feeling; I had motivation problems too. So much easier to flop down on the couch then work out. What helped was my strong, overwhelming desire to not be fat anymore. I also tried out the motivational methods in “The Truth About Six Pack Abs,” a really good program for those who want to shed belly fat and develop their abs. My review is at my website.

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