To give up drinking or not?????


My first weigh in for my Insanity Challenge was today and I am extremely disappointed. While I do feel stronger and I know my endurance has improved, it’s still frustrating not to see the scale moving. In 2 weeks of working my ass off, I lost 2 pounds and 1/2 inch off of my hips and waist.

I keep telling myself that this is a lifestyle change and I have to be patient. I remind myself that I am doing this for more than just weight loss. That I want to be healthier, have more energy, be stronger…etc. But, I look at those around me who eat what they want and rarely work out and I just want a little reminder or reward of why I have to stay disciplined.

I’m working out 6 days a week. 3-4 of those days, twice a day. I should be losing weight like crazy. I am eating fresh and healthy most of the time. The only 2 things I can think of that may be screwing up my results is my seasoning of food and my drinking.

I am so frustrated, I am thinking about giving it up. The problem with this is that when I started this journey, I said I would only make  permanent changes because I don’t want to lose the weight and gain it back. My friends and I are very social and I enjoy going out for drinks with them. I am not sure that it is realistic for me to give up drinking. However, I also don’t want to keep working my butt off and not see any results.

The fact is, when I drink, I do tend to consume a lot of alcohol…a lot of empty calories and later I make bad food decisions. We usually end up eating fast food in the weee hours of the morning. But, the rest of the week I eat super healthy and workout. Could this one night a week, really be making that much of a difference? And how will I know if I don’t STOP drinking to find out? 

Or is there a way that I can just cut down? Like maybe have a 2 drink limit? Or completely ban mixed drinks? I don’t know….But I am seriously considering it because when I weigh in next week, I want all of my work to pay off. I am not sure if drinking with my friends is actually worth sacrificing all of the work that I do throughout the week. What do you guys think?

~Miss FB


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