My Insanity Challenge


Hello all!

Just wanted to catch you guys up on how I’ve been doing. As you know, because of my plateau, I decided to try the Insanity 60 day program.  The workouts are super tough and I am always drenched in sweat.  There is a lot of jumping which suuuuuucks for my knees, but I am adjusting. I feel good. After week 1, I had already lost 2 pounds and we are 1/2 way through week 2. My goal is to stick through the entire 8 weeks and give it all I have.

I love this program because it is a physical and mental challenge. So many times, I just want to give up. But Shaun T (the instructor) keeps pushing me. LOL. And I feel amazing after it’s over. The workout is great! The downfall is the repetition. During month 1, you cycle through 3 different workouts. The warm up becomes a little repetitive. But it is a challenge every time. I just have to stay disciplined and remember WHY I committed to this challenge in the first place. I WANT RESULTS.  If you want more information about this program or want to check it out: 

This program is accompanied by the Elite Nutrition Eating Guideline and Meal Plan. This program uses a tier system to make sure you are getting the nutrition you need to lose weight and have the energy you need for your workout. You eat 5 meals a day with this eating plan and it is great at explaining why you should be eating what they recommend. This has been a major challenge for me. I have to spend more time preparing my meals for the day because I’m eating cleaner and fresher. It involves a lot of planning and prep time. I’ve been late to work a few days, but I am getting the hang of it. Curious??? Here is an example of what a week of eating looks like for me:





Meal 1 –  Protein omelet

Meal 2 – BLT on 1 slice of wheat bread (turkey bacon) and Fruit

Meal 3- Chicken Teryaki and brown rice

Meal 4 – Pasta w/ turkey meatballs and veggies

Meal 5 – Cabbage and a small baked potato



Meal 1 – Protein shake and fruit

Meal 2 – Egg salad and avocado w/nuts

Meal 3- Black beans and Cabbage

Meal 4 – Sweet potato and pecans

Meal 5 – Pasta and veggies





Meal 1 – Veggie omelet

Meal 2 – Nutrigrain bar and fruit

Meal 3- Grilled chicken salad w/nuts

Meal 4 – Peanut butter and banana

Meal 5 –Turkeyburger and veggies






Meal 1 – Oatmeal, walnuts and raisins

Meal 2 –  TurkeyDeli-style sandwich

Meal 3-  Black Bean soup

Meal 4 – Lemon pepper chicken and veggies

Meal 5 – Brown rice bowl w/veggies






Meal 1 – Egg white breakfast wrap

Meal 2 – Grilled chicken salad

Meal 3- Fruit, nuts and seeds

Meal 4 – Protein shake

Meal 5 – Pasta w/ turkey meatballs and veggies





Meal 1 – Whole grain cereal and fruit

Meal 2 – Peanut butter and banana

Meal 3-  Turkey and avocado salad w/nuts

Meal 4 – Nutrigrain bar and fruit

Meal 5 – Brown rice bowl w/veggies





Meal 1 – Whole wheat waffles

Meal 2 – fruit salad and a protein shake

Meal 3- Citrus baked chicken with veggies

Meal 4 – Guacamole

Meal 5 –Turkeychili

I recommend the Elite Nutrition Guide to anyone who needs to change their eating top lose weight, but still want to enjoy their food. Check it out here:

There you have it. All the info you need to join me on this INSANE challenge. I will be checking in with you periodically over the next 6 weeks with my progress and challenges. And of course…BEFORE and AFTER pictures 🙂

~Miss Fitness Binge




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