The dreaded Plateau: Plan to address my lack of weight loss the last 4 weeks.

So…I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little discouraged with my weight loss the past few weeks. And since it’s normal to hit a plateau, I wanted to share this experience with everyone following operationflatbelly.

I haven’t lost any weight in 4 weeks! I’ve been working out on average about 8 times a week…AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!   Am I dissapointed?…YES! Am I upset?…ABSOLUTELY. Am I gonna give up? HELL NO!!!!!!

I WILL NOT GIVE UP or GIVE IN TO FEELING OF BEING DEFEATED!!!!! – It just means I have a challenge and I am taking it up a notch!

1. I decided that I have to take a look at what I am eating and how I am eating EVERY DAY. Even on my cheat day. I have to examine where I may be dropping the ball. So I am commiting to becoming more disciplined and tracking what I eat every single day. No matter what. I’m looking at this as a learning experience and not a way to deprive myself. I am not going to be eating less….just learning how to eat better.

2. I’m making my workouts harder. Jogging for longer distances. Pushing harder in my fitness classes. Committing to doing my daily crunches, squats and pushups.  And I will be doing the Insanity Challenge with my new BeachBody Coach Kelli from!/CrazySexyFitt which starts in July….in addition to my workout classes Tuesday – Friday.

3. I am going to implement a new tracking system via a progress page that I will share with my followers on the  page to keep me motivated and get the support I need to stick with my plan.

4. I am cutting down the drinking with my friends and implementing my harm reduction strategies that I mentioned my previous post. I am also putting healthy snacks in my car for those middle of the night – after party binges we like to participate in.

5. Added a water tracker to my phone to make sure I am drinking the right amount of water daily to flush my system and reduce retention

I am smacking my body right back into weight loss mode. I hope to show every body that when you are super determined, you can achieve ANY goal you set your mind to. And my mind is made up. I am losing another 15 pounds. Let’s go!

What do you think? Leave a reply!

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