Struggling on Sundays…

So I’ve found another weakness in my weight-loss journey and it is definitely my Sunday behavior. Something’s gotta give!  In my attempt to work on my gratitude and find a lesson in every challenge, I will say that I am happy that I am more aware of this weak area. And I will attempt to make some changes to begin to work on it.

Sundays are my “rest” or YOGA day. Typically, I don’t have to work and I spend all day on the couch or lounging around the apartment. And consistently, I’ve found it EXTREMELY difficult to make healthy choices on Sundays. I’ve brainstormed some of the reasons in my attempt to problem solve:

1. The after-Saturday night effect: Saturday night is usually when I spend time with my friends. We are out late…most of the time drinking. When I know I am going to drink, I eat less. So I wake up starving and craving greasy food.

2. Too many options: It’s easier for me to eat healthy when I have is what I packed. Even though my meals plan include Sunday, I still find myself in the fridge looking around.

3. Boredom:With nothing to do, I find myself eating more.

I am not sure about what changes I am going to make at this very moment. I just know that I don’t want to make all of the work I do throughout the week mean nothing because I can’t keep it together on Sundays. Any suggestions? 

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