Update – Continuing to learn, grow and change my weight-loss plans

Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago I checked in with a report that I hit my 15 pound mark! 🙂 Yea me! Unfortunately there has not been much progress in terms of weight loss since. However, I’ve continued to receive new tips, education and learn more about myself to improve my chances of successfully getting to my overall weight loss goal.

I think the important part of this blog and journey is sharing success stories, as well as “bumps in the road”. I’ve struggled a bit in the last 1.5 weeks, but I also learned a lot about how I cope with stress and how unsuccessful it is.

My counterproductive behavior started about a week and a half ago – I gave myself a little break over Memorial Day Weekend. I was a set to start back on Tuesday. However, that Monday at a BBQ I witnessed a murder. Needless to say, I was a bit shook up over the entire thing. In trying to get away from the shooting, I lost my Iphone and the contents of my pocket. To make matter worst, 2 days later, my apartment complex experienced a 8 hour blackout (no electricity, no water) and later that day, I lost my wallet. So to say that last week was very stressful would an understatement.

To cope with the increase anxiety and stress, I began to eat mycomfort foods.I had to have my Pepsi. I drank more wine than I should have. And I began to eat fast foods again. I still attempted to workout, but because I wasn’t properly fueled, the workouts were a struggle. I also began to spend more time in front of the TV. After a while, I realized that none of this was helping me to feel any better. in fact, I was starting to feel sluggish and irritable pretty often.

I can’t say exactly what knocked me out of it. And I am happy that it didn’t last long. Because I am back on track and feeling motivated again. The start of a new month always seem to rejuvinate me. I use the time to think of new ways to challenge myself and those around me. (Check out the weekly challenges I come up with at www.facebook.com/OperationFlatBelly . ) I also evaluate my eating plan and explore ways to improve….So you may notice these recent changes to my Plans and Goals Page.

1. I’ve stopped cooking with vegetable oil and margarine —Switching to using Olive or canola oil

2. I’ve cut out the white bread and white rice—whole wheat and whole grain products now. Starting with my bread and crackers 🙂

3. I’m going meatless on Mondays. I haven’t been successful yet because I always forget. But I have programmed a reminder in my phone and wrote it into my meal planning sheets.

4. I’m limiting the condiments I add to my foods now, such as mayo, mustard, ketchup…etc

5. I’m eating breakfast within 1 hour of waking up to get my metabolism going as soon as spoosible everyday.

6. And finally, as advised my a personal trainer, I am combined my meats with veggies only and eating complex carbs like (pasta, potatoes and breads as seperate meals or snacks).

So I’m continuing to move forward and looking towards my next chek point  – 20 pounds lost!!!.  I have no doubt that I will get there and I am not in a hurry,..but to challenge myself, I claiming June 30th!!

If you want to join me,here is the new plan as it stands right now:

Valencia’s Weight Loss Plan

I’m working out 6 days a week…targeting my abs at some point  in every workout!

(Sun – Fri evening)

  1. No Pork and No Red Meat
  2. No fried foods
  3. No Pepsi, soda or sugar filled drinks
  4. No junk food (pastries, potato chips, ice cream…etc)
  5. No white bread or white rice
  6. No vegetable oil or margarine
  7. No meat on Mondays!!!!
  8. 1500 calorie consumption limit per day (Use myfitnesspal.com to track)
  9. Combine meat with veggies only. Eat complex carbs in separate meals and snacks
  10. Limit Processed Foods (any foods that won’t go bad if placed in a cabinet)


  1. Increase my daily water intake (at least 6 bottles)
  2. Limit condiments added to my foods (mayo, salad dressing, sugar, ketchup, mustard..etc)
  3. Try to watch my portions…eating smaller meals every 2.5 – 3 hours
  4. Breakfast 1 hour within waking up




Fresh fruits and vegetables 

Water and green tea only

Protein- Chicken,Turkey, fish, egg/egg whites


Nuts and Seeds 


Olive and canola oil


Brown Rice

Sweet Potatoes

Whole wheat and whole grain products




What do you think? Leave a reply!

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