Happy Day of Rest

Happy Day of Rest!!! Good day followers, I hope you all had a wonderful day. The reason why I entitled this blog, happy day of rest, is because in the past, people used Sunday as a day to rest and get rejuvenated before heading back to the work and to the responsibilities of the following week. Today, I used my day of rest to get feed spiritually, and while attending Church Services this morning, my pastor discussed God creating a new you. His sermon on newness made me think a lot about the “new me” that is being shaped, molded, transformed and created!!!!

Have you ever thought about the process of transforming? When something is being changed, reshaped or molded, is has to first endure a breaking process, in which the old things must be destroyed….then it is restructured and deposited with brand new things. This process is difficult for individuals to endure, because people are comfortable with their “old selves.” Additionally, people are sometimes not willing to give up their old behaviors and patterns because they are afraid of what the future may hold for them.  Once a person completes the transformation, breaking, and renewal process, he or she is a new, better, improved, and stronger being.

In regards to weight loss, people are sometimes reluctant, afraid, and unsure about transforming themselves. People are not willing to give up their old habits of life, to gain and learn a new improved ways of living. Followers, I know it is hard to stay committed to working out and eating healthy on a consistent basis, but it something you have to do if you want to be transformed. Your breaking process is shedding your bad habits and disciplining yourself  to not give up easily to temptation and wants. Your body needs for you stay committed; it is dependent on you to make a change, so that you can have a longer, better, and healthier life.

So followers, I challenge you to take a step out on faith and trust that once you have made a commitment to be transformed…you can and will be successful in your goal and you will become a better and new you! Don’t be held back by your fears, past failures, or lack of success in your regimen…Today is a new day! We have this saying in my family, “whatever I didn’t accomplish today, I will strive to accomplish tomorrow.” You can do it! Develop your plan for the week and try your hardest to stick to you! Remember….where you are going is much better than where you have been!

Have a Fit Day

Miss PB

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