Rewarding Yourself!!!

I firmly believe that while you are on your journey to weight loss or obtaining a fitness goal (s), it is important to stay motivated and to find ways to REWARD yourself for your hard work. For some reason, people tend to respond well towards achieving a goal when there is a reward to be won at the end of it. Yes, I know you thinking “my reward is the success that I gained from achieving my goal.” You are right, the results from your weight loss alone are a wonderful reward; however, sometimes tangible items can help validate your success!!!

There are several benefits to rewarding yourself during your weight loss journey. There comes a time during the journey, when you are feeling unmotivated and your plan seems like it is failing. At that time, tangible things can motivate you to reach our goals, even when the reason you are striving for those goals has nothing to do with tangible rewards. For many people, receiving a tangible item increases their will/motivation towards reaching a goal. Yes, the primary goal of weight loss is to become healthier, improve your health, lower the  risk for disease and to have a more stable mood, but it is okay to look forward to something once you have obtained your goal. Basically, rewards are important to keeping your motivation thriving.

Setting a goal and achieving it can be very fun.  Once you obtained your goal, whether it is big or small, you should reward yourself.  For example, your goal could be to Eat Clean for 5 days out of a 7 day week, for 6 weeks. Once you have reached that goal, you can purchase yourself one pair of shoes. When you have finally reached your overall goal, then you can treat yourself to something bigger like new wardrobe or a vacation.

Personally, I decided to reward myself with something for every 5lbs I lost. Currently, I have lost 10 lbs, so I rewarded myself with a new dress and a pair of shoes.  I must admit, I love shopping, but I told myself that I could only shop if I lose weight!!!

Caution…Caution!!! Be careful with how you reward yourself. Like a good friend told me “you are not a dog, so don’t reward yourself with food as treats.” If you are not cautious, some rewards can derail you from your weight loss plan/ goal. Remember before you bit into that cinnamon roll, like I did today, all of the hard work that you may be sabotaging. I’m not saying you can’t indulge in your favorite treats (which should be consumed on your cheat day); I’m just saying that you may find it more meaningful to reward yourself with something that you can constantly use as a reminder of your hard work and of what you have accomplished. Choose rewards that will make you feel better about yourself!

If you decide to use rewards as a way to celebrate your weight loss/fitness accomplishments, then make sure that you plan them out. Like weight loss, your rewards should be well thought out and planned to ensure that they are appropriate for what you have accomplished.  Here are some rewards that I think are suitable for the cause:


  • Vacation
  • Movie date
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Music for your MP3 player
  • A massage
  • Day at the spa
  • Haircut
  • Manicure or Pedicure
  • Golfing trip
  • New  Clothing or Shoes
  • Dinner out at that restaurant

Reward yourself for your hard work…you deserve it!!! Losing weight/or accomplishing a fitness goal is difficult task mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is no reason why you should not be able to treat yourself to something nice and tell yourself JOB WELL DONE!!!

Have a fit day!

Miss. PB


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