Staying Motivated! Our First 6 Week Challenge Series…

Happy National Fitness Month Followers!

This month I took a pledge online to fight obesity in America. I pledged to inspire, motivate  and encourage as many people as possible to get fit while I’m on this Earth. And try my best to Walk the Walk. The further I get on this journey, I realize how important it is to eat healthier and exercise. It is one of the most necessary, but most neglected tasks in our society. And we only get 1 body!!!

So, I decided to do this 6 Week Challenge Series for 2 reasons 1. To encourage people to get fit and challenge themselves and 2. To stay motivates and challenge myself in my workout routines. As working out has become more of a habit for me (I am working out 5-6 days a week consistently), my body has stopped responding the way it used to. The weight is coming off much slower and I am ripping through the workouts I’ve been doing consistently for weeks. This challenge series is going to push me to work harder and hopefully get others motivated to push themselves to their limits as well. The timing couldn’t be more perfect! 6 weeks until summer. >>>>HERE IT IS!!!

The Operation Flat Belly 6 Week  Challenge Series

Week 1: May 13th – May 19th: The 1000 Crunch Challenge

The task is to do 1000 crunches by the end of the week  at midnight. On average, that’s about 143 crunches a day. Any style. As many as you want each day. You just have to get them done.

Week 2: May 20th – May 26th: The Shut up and Squat Challenge

The task is to do 500 squats by the end of the week  at midnight. On average, that’s about 72 squats a day. But you can do more on one day and rest the next. Wide squats, narrows squats, with or without weights. Challenge yourself. It doesn’t matter as long as you get to 500.

Week 3: May 27th – June 2nd:  The Sexy Arm Challenge

The task this week is 350 push ups and 35o tricep dips. That’s about 50 a day if you want to even the work out. get your Michelle Obama arms this week. LOL!

Week 4: June 3rd – June 9th: The Burpee Challenge

The task in the fourth week takes on the challenge of the Burpee. Everyday, you will be doing Burpees. You start off the first day by doing as many as you can without stopping. Then add 5 burpees to yesterday’s total everyday. Again you are free to add your own modifications.

Week 5: June 10th – June 16th: The Lean Leg Lunge Challenge

In the fifth week, we are taking on the lunge. 500 total (or 250 each leg) Weights or no weights. Backwards or forwards. Stationary or walking. As long as you complete 500 by midnight at the end of the week, you will successfully complete this challenge.

Week 6: June 17th – June 23rd: Sweat Week

And the last week, may just be the toughest. 500 minutes of cardio is the task. Yes…that’s 7 hours and 40 minutes of sweat-inducing, calorie burning exercise to end this series. But you can do any form of cardio you would like.

Then…Summer officially begins!!!!!!

 I won’t be stopping my workout routine to do burpees or pushups all week! I will either incorporate the challenge into my workout and do the week;y challenge in addition to my workout. So who has what it takes to join me??? If you finish this challenge series, you will thank me later. And YOU’RE WELCOME.

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