The Other 10 Reasons You Should Work Out! (besides weight loss)

1. It helps to improve your mood. If you have trouble with stress, depression or anxiety or if you are just having a bad day, exercise will help!Exercise releases “feel good” brain chemicals (neurotransmitters and endorphines). It also raises your body temperature which can have a claming effect.

2.It improves self esteem.Workout out gives you a confidence boost. It’s empowering and you feel better about yourself after you put in the work. I definitely feel like a bad-ass after I work out.

3. Exercise improves sleep. Exercise can help you sleep sounder and longer and feel more awake during the day. Twenty or 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is sufficient to keep the body temperature at a higher level for a period of four to five hours, after which it drops lower than if you hadn’t exercised. This lower body temperature is what helps you sleep better.

4. Exercises aids  in treating and preventing various ailments and diseases. Have a problem with high blood pressure? “Being active boosts high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol and decreases unhealthy triglycerides. This one-two punch keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer, arthritis and falls”. Other studies show that it also aids in managing asthma and preventing osteoporosis.

5. Working out gives you an energy boost. Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy. I find myself boucing off the walls sometimes after a workout.

6. Exercise can improve your sex life. Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal for women. And men who exercise regularly are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction than are men who don’t exercise. Working out regularly also improves your stamina, muscular endurance and flexibility during sex.

7. Exercise aids with chronic pain. Exercising regularly can help those with chronic pain actually decrease pain as they unwind, de-stress, lose weight, increase range of motion or the normal amount your joints can be moved in certain directions, and build muscle and bone strength. For women who suffer with tension headaches, exercise can help to reduce muscle tension and boost endorphins, the body’s natural pain relievers.

8. It expands your social support network . Working out regularly connects you with others with similar goals. People who have a regular exercise routine often end up linking up with others at the gym/park…etc. It gives you the opportuniy to meet new people; maybe a work out buddy, maybe a new friend, maybe someone more than a friend (wink, wink).

9.Exercise can give you better looking skin. Exercise also boosts circulation and the delivery of nutrients to your skin, helping to detoxify the body by removing toxins (poisons). As exercise boosts oxygen to the skin, it also helps increase the natural production of collagen, the connective tissue that plumps your skin. Your skin color is also improved after exercise because of the increase in blood flow.

10. Exercise improves memory and brain functioning. Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain and helps it receive oxygen and nutrients. The better shape you’re in, the faster you fire brain waves that are responsible for quick thinking. Researchers found that exercise boosts blood flow to a brain area involved in memory — even in people who aren’t in top shape.Three months of exercise was all it took for people with low levels of aerobic fitness to increase blood flow to that part of their brain and improve their scores on memory tests, the study shows.

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