Progress report!!

Good morning all!

Just checking in with an update on how things are going. I’m still pretty consistent in my workouts….exercising on average about 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I’ve hit a weight loss plateau – still stuck at 11 pounds down.

However, I’m not doing the best that I can do in my eating. Most times, all is lost on the weekends, so there is some room for improvement there. While I am still in support of weekend “cheating”, there is no reason to go over board and ruin all of the work I put in throughout the week. I could also could do some damage control if I can bring myself to workout more on the weekends.

I am eating “cleaner” Monday- Friday, but I admit that I could be more disciplined there too. I just cannot resist the urge to eat potato chips sometimes! Lol.

The thing I’m most proud of thus far is that I’m very aware. Fitness, eating healthy and exercise has become a part of my daily routine, even if it’s just in my thoughts. 🙂 I’m aware of my strengths and weakness, so I feel I am better prepared.

I also feel like I’ve taken a lot of pressure off of myself to watch the scale. I still want to lose weight, but I’m focused on being consistent and making permanent, realistic changes. For the first time ever, I’m not focused on trying to lose a lot of weight really fast. I’m challenging myself week to week and having fun.

I’m excited for taking it up a notch in May! Swim suit season….MOTIVATED!

-Ms. FB

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