Lakeside Workout: You can do more than just run!











It’s Friday and my phone rings at 6am! I know it’s Miss PB calling to see if I am up and ready for out Friday morning workout. Of course I don’t feel like getting up and it’s a bit chilly by that lake….but I say “okay” and get up and get ready anyway.

About 30 mins later, I’m walking to Miss PB’s building trying to get into a mental headspace for jogging. I HATE JOGGING and RUNNING! Grrrr. And our jogs usually ends in Ms. PB trotting along without me, because I just can’t keep up (check out the last picture). But lately, we have incorporated a full body workout in between our jogs and the workout isn’t as torturous for me.

We do push-ups and tricep dips at the bench. We incorporate step aerobics and kickboxing at the steps by the lake. Some days we bring weights and get some upper body in and do various jogging drills. And we always get our squats and lunges in between jogs as well. We also take advantage of other things in our environment that could maximize our workout… poles, ramps, stairs…etc. Miss PB also likes to add in some skipping and other random track drills that I usually turn my nose up at. LOL But in the end…we get an AMAZING workout in. 🙂 I fell good…until next Friday when I get that 6am phone call……

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