Let’s make a deal!



So lately I have developed this habit of “making deals” with myself in order to enjoy the foods I love while minimizing the damage it does to my healthy eating plan. I’ll say something like “Ok. If I work out twice today, I will go out and have some drinks with my friends later”. This strategy helped me to burn almost 1000 calories that day to decrease the impact of drinking alcohol. The dancing didn’t hurt either :-). I also felt better in my dress and seemed to retain less water that night.

My last deal was made when I woke up this morning: “I will get me a bag of Hot Krunchy Cheese Kurls, if I get 60 mins of exercise in this morning”. And it was the best bag of chips I ever tasted. I burned 737 calories working out this morning. The chips were 270. I’m still winning right? Lol.

This is not to say that i should or that you should do this everyday. But it is a good strategy to motivate me to work out, reward myself and feel less guilty about my “bad eating”. The more srategies you have to keep you motivated, to make exercise consistent and keep healthy eating on your mind, the MORE successful you will be. Progress, not perfection.  Right?

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