Weekend of Fun!!!

Hello Followers! Okay, so it sunday the day after most of us have had a fun and eventful weekend! As we reflect over how enjoyable our weekend was, we start to  feel guilty and remorseful about what we may have eaten or drank. Is this you? Well this is DEFINITELY how I feel! This weekend was the Alumni Weekend at my Alma Mater, and lets just say I truly enjoyed myself.  All last week, I ate  healthy, followed my regular eating regimen and worked out consistently (4 days out of the week) and on Friday and Saturday I felt like I let it all go. As I thought about my weekend,  my initial thoughts were negative and I was extremely hard on myself. I thought ” Did I really have to eat fried chicken or drink that juice.” After more reflection came rationalization….”I am allowed a cheat day”….” Hey I was rewarding myself for being discipline during the week.” Sometimes as we are embarking upon a weight loss or fitness  journey, we get the “perfectionist complex.” We want everyday, every meal and every workout to be perfect and right! It’s okay to have a day or two of eating want you want…or  taking a rest from your workout!  Try not to let you Cheat that become  habit or a period of bingeing. As you are “rewarding yourself” enjoy the moment and don’t harp on it! This is a journey of improving of life and enjoying the moments. So followers tell your guilty to “go away” and renew your mind and prepare yourself of the week. Let yesterday go and embrace today!!! Have a fit week 🙂

~Miss PB

My Bestie Fer Fer

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