A Blog-Worthy Fitness Class: Mix It Up Step

I’d been working out at the SouthSide YMCA for about 2 years now…on and off that is. I was there for a few weeks, when I started to notice all of these pumped people walking around and a crowded parking lot every Tuesday and Thursday. One day I happen to be running the track and I look down into the gym to see what looked like 60 + people in this class. It looked so exciting, I had to give it a try.

The class was Mix It Up Step. Led every Sunday 12:10pm, Tuesday 6:45pm and Thursday 6:45pm by an incredibly energized and fun-filled instructor: Andrew.

The class is a mix of step aerobics, plyo cardio, dance and kickboxing…all done to loud, booming, house music. Talk about a party!! People in the class range in ethnicity, age and size. But, we all are in love with it and now Ms. PB and I are 2 of those pumped people you see in the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is a full body workout that is sure to leave you absolutely drenched in sweat.

Ms. PB and I have even started to use a lot of the moves her teaches in our workouts outside of the gym. If you are in the Chicago area and bored with workout routine, I suggest you give this class a try. It’s awesome and you can print a free guest pass on-line for YMCA MetroChicago. So your first time will be free! Check it out…you won’t regret it.


6330 South Stony Island, Chicago, IL. 60637


2 Responses to “A Blog-Worthy Fitness Class: Mix It Up Step”
  1. victoria says:

    I loved that step class. You had to like wait outside the door for 30minutes on Sunday just to get a spot. Really good work out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! I am not a fan of that line. Its there on tues and thurs too. But that’s how awesome the class is I guess.

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