The evolution of my “healthy eating”

Working out and exercising….I pretty much got that down. I’ve been in classes. I’ve had trainers. I am doing pretty well with sticking to my workout routine (when I don’t go out drinking the night before…still working on that barrier).

But battle on this journey has been my eating. And it always has been. I love food and I am very social. I like to be out at events, gatherings and parties where they have the best food and people are usually drinking. :-/My perspective on eating has drastically changed since starting Operation Flat Belly. Lets see here:

1. College and Post Baby Mentality: Workout so that I can eat what I want.

2. Post College Mentality:  Regularly Worked out and tried diet fads and weight loss pills. Slim Quick, Low-Carb, No meat, Quick Trim, Diet teas….etc

3. 25 years old and 25 pounds heavier Mentality: Workout like crazy and deprive myself of all junk food and “bad” food. Lean cuisines and frozen vegetables only—-usually led to a horrible junk food binge that lasted for weeks.

4. 2011 calorie counting: Working out and obsessed with counting calories. It’s not a big deal what kind of food it is, as long as I am under my calorie goal right?

AND NOW….(drumroll please): I am still counting calories, but for new reasons. I count to make watching what I eat a habit. I count to make sure I am not eating too much and that these low-fat meals, low calorie meals aren’t playing tricks on me. To make sure I am looking at nutritional content and learning how my body responds to various types of foods.

For example, I learned that eating a lot of processed foods, even Lean Cuisine, and even being under my calorie goal, bloats my mid section. Go figure!! thats the opposite of what I am trying to do. I’ve learned that I could be eating low fat and low cal, but going crazy with my sugar intake. Can you say…diabetes????

So…. my goals have changed a little. I’m still shooting for eating low cal, low fat meals more often. But I am also looking at nutritional content. Can I get a little protein, a little fiber please and thank you? And what about preservatives????How long can this last on the shelf in a grocery store? Do I really want to put that in my body….Yes?? Then maybe I’ll have just a little and a lot of fresh veggies. HEY…I’m not perfect. But I AM TRYING.

My current eating plan:

Little to no – red meat, soda, junk food, friend foods and…….alcohol. (That is gonna be tough for me)

I will also be tracking what I eat everyday to learn more about my eating habits.

You can’t put bad gas in a luxury car and expect it to operate at it’s potential. So I’m trying to “clean up” my eating…for life. Stay tuned. We’ll see how this goes.

~Ms. Fitness binge

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