Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello Love birds… Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your love with that special “someone” in your life. As you celebrate the love that is burning in your hearts…DON’T lose sight of your fitness goals.

I don’t know if you all have noticed, but people tend to gain weight while they are in relationships…hmm…I wonder why? Typically, when people are dating or are in a relationship they participate in a lot of indulgent activities such as: going out to dinner, watching movies while eating pizza and popcorn, going out for cocktails, etc. When people are engaged in a romantic relationship, it tends to take up most of their time and thoughts. For woman, sometimes we neglect going to gym and decide to stay home to “cuddle” with our “boo,” and for men, you all like to be “catered” to, which means you are mainly chilling on the couch while your “girl” is slaving over the stove for you.

Love isn’t bad…it just can be “unflattering” for your figure. So as you enjoy Valentine’s Day, whether it is with a boyfriend, girlfriend, parent(s), coworker(s), friend(s), or yourself, remember to put your health first and love yourself! This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the box of assorted chocolate that you received as gift; it just means only eat two pieces of candy, as opposed to the entire box. The reason I said put your health first, is because if you don’t take care of your health, then you will not be around long enough to continue loving on the person who sent you those chocolates. Have a fit day!

Miss PB

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