WHY do you REALLY want to lose weight?


20120206-100155.jpg So, here we are in week 6 of Operation Flat Belly 2012 and I declare Week 5 and 6 a disaster! Again, my pattern of working hard for a couple of weeks and then falling off for a week or 2 is still consistent. And when I think about it, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it. I can’t understand how I could be so motivated and dedicated and one day just say “Forget it. I am going to eat whatever I want today and lay on my couch”…For almost 2 weeks!!!! I guess my motivation to say No to bad food and to get off my butt to work out just kind of dwindled away. And this seems to always happen to me. From the looks of it, it has happened to a few of my friends that are on this journey with me as well. ARE YOU GUYS STILL OUT THERE?Why does this happen to us? Where does the fire go that drives us to stay dedicated to out weight loss plan? So I simply google “loss of motivation to workout” and found these inspiring quotes from other bloggers:

  • We must remember that trying to lose weight takes “massive determination and focus”.
  • “Your desire to workout and get the body you want has to be greater than any reason that may come up to make you quit.”
  • “You must accept this lifestyle change and be okay with it. Too often, people will start a workout with the intention of it being a temporary task. In order to make it a habit, you have to go into this with the mentality of Fit For Life”.
  • “You must ask your self…Why do you really want to lose weight? It’s not enough to say I need to lose 20 pounds”

And so I asked myself that question and decided to be perfectly honest about WHY I want to lose weight and get in shape:

1. I am SINGLE. I want to look my best.

2. I WANT to have a nice looking, healthy body. It’s the only one I will get. So what I do to it now is gonna produce consequences as I get older. I want to live a long, full life with minimal health complications.

3. I want to wear whatever I want; NO restictions because of my “pudge” or because of my thighs are rubbing together.

4. I want to dance again .I don’t wanted be limited by the pain in my knees or because of a lack of endurance and flexibility. I want to be able to dance for the rest of my life.

 5. I want to be an inspiration for others. I want to help others get to where they wanna be and I know that needs to start with achieving my own goals.

So what has gotten in my way???? Why do I continue to become distracted???

 1. Partying with my friends and drinking too much. Enough said. It has to slow down.

2. Financial stress and stress from work. I guess being aware is the first step to making a change….I need to better my manage my money and stick to a budget. I also need to step up my time management and organizational skills at work. I would never think that things play such a huge role in ditracting me from my workout plan.

So with all of that said…I feel like I am in a different head space. And I will come back to my “REAL” reasons when I feel like I am “losing motivation”.

I hope this inspires at least one person to get back in the game with me. How about it? Why do you really want to lose weight? What is getting in your way? What are your distractions. Take some time to think about it. I think it just may be the first step in achieving success.

What do you think? Leave a reply!

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