Allergic reaction to working out too much!? Huh?!

From Miss FB:

Did you know that you can have an allergic reaction to working out too much?!

It’s true…After ruling out bed bugs, spider bites and food allergies, I figured out what was causing me to itch and produces weals (raised bumps, kinda look like mosqito bites). Over heating and excessive sweating causes an over production in histamines. During exercise, histamines are released and some people are sensitive to them. People sensitive to histamines can experience rashes, itching, and other allergic symptoms during exercise. I fell asleep twice without showering after a tough workout this month and woke up with these bumps.

 The more I scratched, the more they seem to welt up and itch. The skin around them became red and irritated. The first time there were 2 on the back of my left arm and 1 on my right elbow. The second time, last night, there were 2 on my thigh. I noticed both break out when I woke up on a really hot at night. I was sweating and itching like crazy.

 The medical definition for it is called Exercise-induced urticaria; a condition that causes hives and other allergic symptoms. It can occur during or after exercise. Hives or “welts” are usually raised, flat bumps on the skin that are more red around the edge than in the middle. The articles I read said they are most common on the thighs and chest, but can also show up on the arms and neck. This is more common for people who already experience various allergic reactions. (I am allergic to fish and saliva in certain bugs).

Just an FYI, if you workout multiple times a day and sweat a lot like me, you may want to watch out for these. Make sure you shower as soon as possible to unclog your pores of sweat and really cool your body down.

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