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I believe that in order to be successful in a weightloss plan, you have to constantly search for ways to stay motivated. Right now, these are my sources of motivation:

1. My blog and all the ladies who have joined OperationFlatBelly

2. My workout buddies, Amber and Karren

3. The Transformation Challenge at my job

4. May 2012 Trip to Miami

5. My Vision Fridge (Pictured above) : My Vision Fridge is a combination of a vision board and a workout journal. It has my daily calorie intake and the amount of time I worked out, as well as pictures of what I think are nice bodies. You can pretty much guess why I chose to put it on the fridge. Every time I go in there, I am reminded of why I need to stay disciplined and make healthy decisions.

Many studies show that people are more successful at losing weight when they maintain a food dairy and/or workout journal. Having it on the refridgerator is a daily reminder for me to track and it keeps me motivated to want to workout and write it down. It feels good to walk to the fridge and see all of the work I have put in throughout the week. Since I’ve had it up, I’ve been less likely to jeopardize all of my progress by making an unhealthy choice.

While, I’m sure everyone may not be a fan of the pictures, I think posting your workout plan or workout journal on the fridge would be an excellent source of motivation. There is only one way to find out….Give it a try and see 🙂

One Response to “The Vision Fridge”
  1. Hi, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post. It was practical. Keep on posting!

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