Summary of Week 1


20120111-093551.jpgHow did I do Week #1 of Operation Flat Belly?

Well….The pic kinda sums it up. Though I did not indulge in my favorite dessert this week (The Warm Brownie Sundae Pictured here), I did chow down on a Apple Crisp Sundae over the weekend, as well as some jello shots , margaritas, vodka lemonades and a huge steak burrito.

I was dedicated to my workouts, but once the weekend hit , I lost my momentum and dedication to the plan. Here is where I went wrong:

1. I turned my cheat meal into cheat DAYS. And I did not track on Sat and Sun. I went waaaaaay over board with the idea of “cheating”. 

2.  I went out partying with some old college buddies Saturday night and I didn’t exercise any discipline when it came to drinking. We got it in. Maybe I could have had skinny margaritas instead to minimize the damage….

I feel as if all of the work I did Monday through Friday was pretty much down the toilet after my weekend. So, lesson learned. I’m motivated in Week 2 and I am learning to take it day by day and NOT get down on myself for falling short last week.  I’m going to use a fuel to do better this week. 🙂


Lost 1.2 pounds

  • Sunday 1/1 – Didn’t Track. Didn’t Work out.


  • Monday 1/2 – 1593 calories and 102g fat
  • 1 Workout –  1 hour 45 minutes


  • Tuesday 1/3 – 1385 calories  and 39g fat
  • 1 Workout –  1 hour


  • Wednesday 1/4 – 1390 calories and 63g fat
  • 1 Workout –  1 hour 45 minutes


  • Thursday 1/5 –1451 calories and 56g fat
  • 1 Workout –  1 hour 5 minutes


  • Friday 1/6 – 1836 calories and 61g fat
  • 2 Workouts –  1 hour


  • Saturday 1/7 Didn’t Track. Didn’t Work out.



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