When dieting goes wrong: salads

For lunch today, I happen to be at McDonalds. In the environment of fast food, the best option seemed to be a salad. Responsibly, I opted for grilled chicken over the crispy chicken that I love. And I decided to skip out on the croutons. I logged in to myfitnesspal to check the calories…only 180. Great. Then there was the dressing…190 calories and 18g fat. Wtf?! The dressing has more fat and calories than the entire salad!!!!!

Typically when I eat this salad, I get 2 packs of dressing, croutons and crispy chicken = 770 calories and 38g fat. Well damn! I could have just enjoyed a Big Mac!!!! My choice today = 380 calories and 12g fat.

These are the changes that we need to make to eat better and have the bodies that we want. While I did miss the crunch of the croutons and crispy chicken, the general taste was the same.

The lessons learned today?

1. You can find something healthy in any fast food restaurant you go into. No more excuses!

2. BEWARE OF SALADS!!! When you add cheese, croutons and dressing, you may as well be eating a slice of pizza.

Remember: You may not be eating “healthy” just because you are eating a salad.

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