Broiled Salmon marinated in white wine, pecan and raspberry mixed greens salad (with light blue cheese crumbles), and sliced avocado.

While studying abroad in Barcelona Spain for one summer, I discovered that most Spaniards spread their meals throughout the day, making La comida (midday meal/lunch) the largest meal of the day. I found this very interesting, since in America dinner is usually the time when most individuals consume the largest amount of food. After participating in this Spanish custom for several months, I started to notice a lot of changes in my weight, metabolism and appetite. I noticed that I started to lose weight, my metabolism increased, and I wasn’t feeling starved at dinner time.

Since my time in Spain, I noticed that a lot of diets or “guidelines to healthy eating” have put a lot of emphases on eating several small meals throughout the day, making lunch a heaviest meal of the day. Having a healthy and heavier lunch keeps you satisfied for hours, provides your body with a balance of nutrition and increases your performance throughout the day.

According to, Lunch is the main meal in the day which is supposed to provide the body with the maximum amount of nutrition. Many people feel like lunch is not important or feel like they are too busy to implement lunch in their daily schedule, which isn’t a good practice for your body. In reality, skipping lunch can actually slow down the body’s metabolism and result in you gaining weight.

Having a healthy lunch has several benefits, one being that it helps an individual remain energized for the rest of the day and which gives them the ability to perform his tasks better and burn more fat.  Also, by eating a healthy and full lunch, you are less likely to binge or overeat at night. Remember, most people tend to be less active at night which means that fewer calories are being burned. Be careful with the word heavier, by saying heavier I am implying to an ideal lunch meal being about 350 to 600 calories.

The best lunch would consist of: lean protein, vegetables, and fruits, dairy and whole grains. If you have some confusion about what a healthy lunch looks like, then I would suggest that you refer to the MyPlate guide  The USDA and First Lady; Michelle Obama, created the MyPlate to replace the USDA’s food pyramid in order to illustrate the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image, a place setting for a meal. This guide is very simplistic and provides you with the basics on how to build a healthy meal; I use it a lot when preparing meals for myself.  

I am not a nutritionist nor am I an expert on healthy eating!!! All I know is what works best for me and eating a healthy and full lunch has never failed me and has also warranted me with success in my past weight loss goals. So that lesson of the day is to make lunch your heaviest meal of the day….Good luck and healthy eating.

~Miss PB

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