Our top 10 problems with eating healthy

Before we start this journey AGAIN…we think it is important to address the issues that have gotten in our way in the past.

Taken from WebMD:

“Replacing a bad habit with a good habit takes time and patience. It requires several steps, from setting your goals to getting support. One of the important steps is figuring out what your barriers are.

What has stopped you from changing your eating habits in the past? What do you think might stop you in the future? Identifying these barriers now-and having a plan to help you get past them-will help you change bad habits into good habits.”

Our Thoughts and Barriers:

1. It can be expensive.

Problem: Fresh fruits and veggies are more expensive than buying a frozen pizza or some ground beef to make tacos. Whole grain and organic foods are more expensive than processed and preserved foods.

Possible Solution:

  • Our plan is to develop a budget and make lists. It will help us to be more conscious of how and where you spend your money.
  • Look for fruits and vegetables that are in season so they cost less. Buy frozen and canned fruits and vegetables when fresh produce is too expensive.
  • Look for healthier packaged or processed meals. Every step in reducing calories counts towards weight loss.

2. It can be inconvenient.

Problem: As a part of the working class, we don’t have time or resources to prepare healthy meals each day. It’s sometimes quicker and easier to just grab fast food or bring a microwavable lunch to work.

Possible Solution:

  • Plan your meals. One of my strategies (Miss FB) is try to plan out my meals a couple of days in advance, so that I am not left to make a last minute decision to go to a restaurant or grab a bag of chips.
  • Learn which restaurants offer healthier choices. For example, choose fast-food restaurants that allow you to order a side salad instead of fries with your meal.
  • Have healthy snacks ready for when you get hungry. Keep healthy snacks with you at work or school, in your car, and at home. If you have a healthy snack easily available, you’ll be less likely to pick a candy bar or bag of chips from a vending machine instead.

3. The fatty, high calorie foods taste better.

Problem: In our experience, training our taste buds to move away from the common foods we like is often difficulty. We found ourselves thinking about the way tacos or fried chicken will taste as opposed to a grilled chicken salad.

Possible Solution:

  • Our plan on this journey is to try to change the way we think about food. While it’s great to enjoy it, we want to try to remember that its main purpose is to nourish our bodies. We don’t want to put crap in our bodies ALL of the time, though if you don’t have the occasional cheat day, you are more likely to binge.
  • Research health tasty foods or ways to make healthy food taste better.
  • Stock up on healthy foods that you enjoy.

4. Lack of knowledge about proper nutrition.

Problem: Sometimes food that seems like a good choice may not be so healthy. A “low-fat” cookie may have less fat, but it may have as much sugar and as many calories as a regular cookie. Potato chips that are “cholesterol free” may still have a lot of fat, calories, and salt.

Possible Solution:

  • Start reading nutrition labels. Learn what to look for: grams of fat, calories, sodium, protein….etc.

5. We get bored!

Problem: When you are sitting at home with nothing to do, do you also grab a snack and hop on the couch to watch tv?

Possible Solution:

  • Try harm reduction: One of my plans (Miss FB) is to keep unhealthy snacks out of my kitchen. I am going to try to stock my fridge with more nuts, fruits, granola, fiber cereal bars…etc. And popcorn, which is a healthier alternative to regular potato chips. Even though you are still eating without hunger, you will consume fewer calories.
  • One of our plans to combat boredom is TO DO SOMETHING that burns calories instead of taking in calories. Have you ever played dance central? Move Around! House work, play with the kids…anything!

6. Emotional and Stress Eating

Problem:Food can be soothing and distract you from what’s really bothering you. Sometimes, we feel entitled to a cheese burger or an Italian beef with cheese after a really bad day.

Possible Solution:

  • This is a tough one. Life happens. The important thing to remember is when you have a bad day (even in eating), tomorrow is a new one. Start over. Don’t just continue to eat bad because you messed up yesterday.

7. Eating in Social Environments

Problem: All of your friends and family are not just gonna hop on the healthy band wagon with you. And if you still like to go out and hang out with friends, eating socially can get you in trouble. Late night bars, bowling alleys and social environments tend to serve foods that are high in fat and calories.

Possible Solutions:

  • Plan! When we know we are going out or will be in a place surrounded by unhealthy foods, we will eat very healthy all day and get a good workout in. Then exercise some discipline: PORTION CONTROL. Eat slowly and engage in discussions with friends/family.
  • Harm Reduction: Choose the food that’s not so bad or not as bad as another choice we could have made.

8. Setting unrealistic goals

Problem: Crash Diets make you binge. Denying yourself of something you love is setting yourself up for failure. In my experience (Miss FB), every time I did a crash diet or denied myself of something I really wanted, I usually ate too much of it when I finally gave in.

Possible Solutions:

  • Be realistic. Don’t give in to any of the diet fads. Try to eat closer to what you feel you can maintain for a long period of time or a life time.
  • Give yourself a break. Our plan is to establish 1 cheat meal on Sat and 1 cheat meal on Sunday. Usually the weekend is when we over eat or eat foods that are not so healthy.
  • When you have a craving, just have a little bit. Don’t try to completely deny yourself.

9. Simply not paying attention

Problem: You ever just hop on a scale and find out that you are 5 to 10 lbs heavier than the last time you checked? Then you think, “What have I been eating?”

Possible Solutions:

  • Make a conscious effort to watch what you eat. Make smarter choices. Learn about the nutrition values in your favorite and commonly eaten foods.
  • Keep a food journal. this works!Every time I keep a food journal (Miss FB), I start to lose weight. It motivates me. It keeps me on track. And it lets me know when I have wiggle room for something more for dinner.

#10 ???????

Problem: What is a problem that keeps you from eating healthy?

Can you think of any other possible solutions to these problems? Share them with us!

Post a reply! Let’s replace our bad habits with good ones!

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