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    I started this blog as a way to keep myself motivated in transforming my body and finally reaching my weight loss and fitness goals. My mission is to lose weight, get fit and share info to educate, inspire and motivate others. BELIEVE, SWEAT and INSPIRE. I seek to make physical health and fitness fun and a part of my everyday life. Follow me or join me on my journey as I learn to combat the barriers and problems that have prevented me from getting the body I have always wanted to have. I hope that you learn, become inspired and motivated to take a journey of your own. You don't have to pay someone for advice, support, guidance and motivation when you can get it for free, here by networking through Operation Flat Belly. Everything that I learn from research, trainers, fitness instructors, networking with other people on this journey and through trial and error...I will be sharing right here. If you are ready to start a journey of your own, you have come to the right place. You can contact me anytime at operationflatbelly@gmail.com.

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14 Day Sugar Detox Challenge

Y’all know I love my challenges. So, I joined a few of my girls in a 14 day sugar detox challenge. Today is Day 5 and I am feeling much better. The first 4 days, I experienced a lot of nausea and headaches. I burned out early in my workouts and I found myself eating … Continue reading

End of my 60 Day Challenge

My first attempt at this challenge in April was unsuccessful. But I was determined and started over. I proud to announce that today is Day 54…and I am still going strong. In the midst of this challenge, I did a few others. In May, I participated in #noweighmay, where the goal was to take the … Continue reading

60 Days of Fitness Challenge

Kicking off my own challenge to myself because I keep starting…then stopping. And starting again…then stopping. As disappointing as it is, I’m not gonna give up. I am soon 60 days of fitness. No junk food, fried foods, soda, juice…etc. And I will do some form of exercise every single day. I know it will … Continue reading

Starting over…again

I am frustrated with starting over and over and over again. 2012 was by the far the best year I’ve ever had in trying to achieve my fitness goals. But it involved so many stops and starts. And here we are Feb 2013 and I am only 11 pounds lighter after an entire year! That’s … Continue reading

Made to Crave Day 1

Should I fast? Should I throw out all my junk food? Lol. I feel like today is the reset button for me and I feel an intense motivation to get it right. I started off my day with my devotional reading and bible scripture Psalm 139. Some questions I was forced to ask myself today? … Continue reading

How does your spirituality play a part in your weight loss?

Because of back injury, (or at least that’s the excuse I’ve used), I have gained 12 pounds. It seems to be such a struggle to eat healthy when I am unable to exercise. Why must the two go hand in hand for me to be successful. Honestly, I am so tired of being unable to … Continue reading

I’m back!

It’s been a long time. And a lot has changed and impacted my ability to stick to my workout plans. Where do I begin…. A lot contributed to back sliding: I partied the entire month of October (Vegas/birthday…etc) and I’ve settled into a relationship. 🙂 Eating out and hanging out impacted my eating habits. The … Continue reading

Countdown to Vegas!!!

I am fresh off of my 5 year college Homecoming reunion. From Friday until Monday, I ate what I wanted and DID NOT exercise. I wanted to…badly. But couldn’t make the time or find the energy. And Tuesday, all I did was sleep. So here we are, Wednesday morning and I started my day with … Continue reading

Nutrition Label Frustration

Happy fall all! The holiday season is upon us. Typically this is when I gain a few pounds but no way! This year I am staying focused on my goals. With my birthday and Vegas around the corner, I am more motivated than ever. I’ve been working harder to eat clean. Cooking most of my … Continue reading

Shakeology challenge results

Just checking in with the results of my 10 day Shakeology challenge: Starting weight: 189.5 waist: 35.5 Final weight: 185.5 waist: 34.5 I had some bumps in the road. I went to a birthday party on Sat and a boat party on Sunday….both involving alcohol. But I worked my butt off focusing on my morning … Continue reading